Paraphrasing Task 2 continued

Here is another Task 2 question.

Children in many countries are eating more junk food and convenience snacks.

Why are children doing this and how serious are the consequences?

Again, the student has tried to change the key words.

Youngsters in many places in the world are eating more unhealthy and processed food.

This paraphrase is pretty good, but the word “youngsters” is a little old-fashioned and the term “junk food” is a key phrase that probably is best left unchanged. Let’s try another approach.

 Keep the key words “children” and “junk food.”

Add “it seems that.”

Change the word “eat” for the synonym “consume.” THEN, change the WORD FORM from “consume” to “consumption.”

Add the following phrase: “this is fast becoming a global phenomenon.” (Be careful only to use this phrase when it its appropriate—it fits a lot of IELTS questions though, especially questions that include the words “many countries.”)

The end result:

Nowadays, it seems that children’s consumption of junk food is increasing and this is fast becoming a global phenomenon.


It’s an elegant and sophisticated paraphrase without having fallen into the common trap of being a whole lot of fancy synonyms that ultimately read like nonsense.


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