How to get an 8 in Writing: Part 2



Grammatical Range and Accuracy

Band Descriptor (Public version): band 8

ƒ uses a wide range of structures
ƒ the majority of sentences are error-free
ƒ makes only very occasional errors or

So there are two things you need to work on — range and accuracy.

Today were are going to look at range.

Range means that you use a variety of structures. However, Do NOT use fancy grammar where it is not warranted. You need to use a mixture of simple and complex sentences for a band 7. The complex sentences should be varied for an 8, but some simple sentences are still ok.

Following are some examples of complex grammar that can help you to achieve an 8 in this band descriptor:

Use of the passive voiceSome people think, for example can be changed to  — It is commonly believed…… People shouldn’t be allowed to smoke in public places — Smoking in public places should be prohibited.

Using parallel structures

This includes using, either/or, neither/nor, not only, but also, and also more simple forms using correct, uniform word forms.


Using conditionals

Commonly used to pose a hypothetical, a prediction or to describe everyday situations.

Eg: If these measures were applied tomorrow, we would see a big improvement in pubic health within a short time frame.

If junk food is prohibited in schools then children will get at least one healthy meal per day.

When workers have a share of the company’s profits, they work harder and take less time off work.


Using subordinate clauses

Eg. Instead of writing : Children are not getting enough exercise because they are spending too much time on their electronic devices, move it around:

Because children are spending too much time on their electronic devices, they are not getting enough exercise.


Using relative clauses



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