How to get an 8 in Writing: Part 3


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Grammar Practice

Let’s take a the following question:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone technology?

Instead of planning and writing this essay, we are going to use some grammar structures from the previous post to make complex sentences.


Mobile phones have become accessible to most of the world’s population and are considered an essential tool for living in modern societies.


conditional (first conditional)

When young children are allowed unsupervised access to phones, there are often unwanted, even dangerous consequences.


conditional (second)

If mobile phones were to suddenly disappear, there would be an outpouring of grief, due to the sense of security and freedom that this technology seems to confer upon people, as well as the fact that it is somewhat addictive.

subordinate clause

Because mobile phones are small and portable, it means that people take them everywhere.

parallel phrase

Children use their phones at social functions, either to chat with their friends or play electronic games, thus missing out on the more immediate, face-to-face social interaction


There is a sense of safety in always being available by phone, but this comes with a loss of freedom and spontaneity.

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