IELTS Speaking Test


Speaking Part One

In Part one, the examiner only has a short time to ask you a lot of questions, so keep to the simple rule.

Answer plus one.

That means answer the question plus give one more short piece of information.

Example: Do you work, or are you a student?

I’m a student. I’m studying at the University of Wollongong.

You can add a conversation word as well.

Actually, I’m a student. I’m studying English.

Use conversation words in all Sections of the test

Conversation words and phrases can help with the flow of your answers to all parts of the test and give an impression of greater fluency. Following are some examples.

Actually, (I just started the job last week.)

No, not really, (I don’t like sport very much._

Let me see. (I guess my favourite time of day is around dusk.)

Well, (no, I don’t.)

Let me think, I suppose (the most popular sport in Australia is football.)

Hmm, well I guess you could say (I am a hard worker.)

In fact, (I’ve never been to a really big city.)

To be honest, (I’m not really into sport.)

Practice using these words and phrases aloud and also practice writing you answers to questions exactly as you would say them – NOTE – this is NOT so that you cam memorise answers – memorising answers is a very bad idea. It can make you sound rehearsed, stilted and also make you accidentally answer the wrong question.

You write the answers to train your brain to use conversation words correctly. The other thing you need to train you brain to do is to paraphrase the question in your answer. More on that tomorrow.




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