Speaking Test: Paraphrasing/repeating the question in the answer.

images (1)We can use the technique we learned yesterday, applying a conversation word or phrase, and then paraphrase the question.

Why are people so interested in celebrities?

Well, let me see. I think people are interested in celebrities for a number of reasons. One is that they appear to be so glamorous and to have choices and freedoms that most people can only dream about. Following celebrities can be a kind of escape from the grind. I get the feeling that people fantasize that they are living a different life when they are reading about celebrities.

Here’s another one, more typical of Section One

What’s your favourite food?

Actually, my favourite food is pizza.

 Practice answering the question with the question words both by speaking and by writing. If you do this for a few minutes every day, your fluency and cohesion will improve quickly – it is so important to practice for the Speaking test. Just talking to your friends and co-workers or students isn’t really enough.


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