Speaking Test Vocabulary: Employment

Some useful vocabulary when talking about unemployment.

employer/employee (worker)



white collar workers/jobs

blue collar workers

What are some of the issues facing the employment sector in the future?

One of the biggest problems facing workers in the future is that they are going to become redundant due to the automation of industry. Blue collar workers are the most at risk, but white collar workers will also increasingly face competition from robots. Workers may become displaced and will need to be reskilled to work in other areas. The safest areas to work in include robotics engineers, computer programmers and jobs that involve creativity or working with people.

What are some ways in which a company can increase the happiness of their workers? 

Well, of course, money is a good reward that everyone appreciates, so higher salaries can make a people happier at work, but there are other things that can make working life better. Getting a work/life balance is important for a lot of people, so benefits like flexi-time can help.  Having flexible hours allows people to address issues in their personal  life or family life and still perform well at work. Also, a reasonable amount of annual leave and sick leave can help workers to feel less stressed. On-going training can also help, so that workers can keep their skills and knowledge up-to date and stay interested in their job.

What about in your country? Is there a problem with unemployment or underemployment?photo-1495910631214-efee9a78372e

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