Spelling in the Listening Test


Some people don’t know that you need to get the spelling and punctuation right on the Listening test. It isn’t enough just to hear the correct answer, it has to be written correctly. Below is a list of common nouns that you should know how to spell. They come from everyday life and include vocabulary such as family, work, the city environment, tourism, transport and study. You should also know how to spell the days of the week and the months of the year and use a capital first letter for these. This list is probably most useful if you are looking to get a 5 or 6, but will also help if you are a more advanced student who has spelling issues.

Spelling for IELTS

Around the city

park   station           road   street             carpark         railway            fountain      school            hospital         clinic               building         corner           city square               town hall                  sign                 shop               department store               shopping centre                 apartment            flat      footpath       supermarket            market          stadium         gym    gymnasium              theatre          cinema          seat    bench


Around the house

table   chair   floor   wall    ceiling            roof    step    stairs  rail      bathroom     bedroom            kitchen                      lounge room            sofa     armchair      fence  garden                       yard            front  back   side     neighbor (neighbour)  phone     telephone     TV       radio  stereo            cup     plate   knife   knives           fork    spoon            bowl   glass   glasses           fridge             freezer          cupboard      wardrobe     lights              porch             patio


aunt               uncle             cousin            grandmother           grandfather            mother          father            sister  brother        daughter       son     nephew niece          granddaughter      grandson


The natural word

mountain      hill       river   ocean              sea     fire      storm             volcano         earthquake              beach             forest             flower            plants             lake    sky      land    island             coast              coastal           waves                        sand   path


Parts of a car

brakes           tyres   wheel            steering wheel        seat    front  back   boot   trunk              bonnet          engine           lights              gears              gearstick



path   village            temple           church           visitor             accommodation     reception            tourist            travel             restaurant                café    hike    hiking             cycle   cycling            track             sunglasses    insurance      picnic             wallet             purse             pocket            driver                         hotel              motel             hostel             room              backpack            information             motorbike    bike    motorcycle   cycle   souvenir        market          gift shop   coach             check out      check in         breakfast      lunch              dinner            guest              menu             waiter            waitress


Travel and Transport

airport           airplane         plane  customs        departures  arrivals                      baggage            luggage         suitcase         visa     passport        taxi     cab     tip



t-shirt             jumper          sweater         shorts            jeans              skirt    blouse            shirt            socks              shoes             boots             vest    dress  tie                   uniform         trousers            pants  sandals         runners         sneakers       sports shoes


football         soccer            basketball     tennis             baseball         swimming     boxing            rugby             snooker


University and College

college            campus                    school            faculty           department             lecture            lecturer         tutor  tutorial          lecture theatre        library            international            student          semester       term   fees    enrol  enrolment    admissions   exam            examination             assignment               study              project          language

Maths            Science          Geology        Biology          Geography   Engineering  Arts    Nursing            Medicine       Law    Business


Languages    English           Spanish         Italian            French           Chinese         Japanese            Brazilian        Thai                Vietnamese              German



business        office diary  desk   pencil pen     computer     printer           desk   carpet            hall            corridor        salary             money           pay     employer      employee     manager       boss            worker                      co-worker    colleague      staff    holiday                      overtime            bonus



chocolate      meat  chicken          fish     seafood         beef    pork   bacon            shrimp            prawn            squid              sandwich      sandwiches  salad  vegetable       healthy/health            fat       carbohydrate          protein          sweet             salty   sugar  salt      spice   spicy   chili



red      blue   green yellow            purple            grey    black  white gold    silver  orange                                               clear   pink    rose    bright light    dark



dolphin          whale             shark              fish     seal     seahorse       shell    rabbit horse dog            puppy            puppies         cat                  kitten             cattle              sheep             goat            chicken          rooster          hen     pig      piglet



drive             walk               work              manage         study              leave              live      worry             laugh  cry     start   finish  talk     discuss           clean              shower


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